Why should I work with Rgord photo?

This questions a no brainer. Have you heard she’s shot with a former Miss USA and some of the coolest bloggers around Philly, New Jersey, New York and D.C ? See what they have to say about her!

What is the deposit fee? What does that cover?

The deposit is made up of two parts. Across the board, all clients are required to pay a $25 flat deposit fee. Upon that, an additional travel fee from Freehold, NJ is factored into that. It can vary per location. The deposit will cover Rachel’s travel fee’s as well as holding your spot in her calendar and in case of a last minute cancelation also compensates Rachel for her time.

Oh no, it’s raining! I need to cancel. What do I do?

As a standard procedure, Rachel will reach out to all clients 24-48 hours advance of the shoot to confirm. During that time, Rachel will also share the upcoming weather and mention that it may be best to reschedule and/or keep our eyes out to play it by ear. In the case of needing to reschedule due to the weather, your deposit still holds true and it will not effect either party any differently.

But I’m sick and I have to cancel is that ok?

Please give Rachel as much of an advance notice as possible. Unfortunately in any last minute cancelation, you will not receive your deposit back. It is still good to be utilized by rescheduling your shoot.

Hey Rachel, I want to book with you. How does the process work?

BEFORE: Fill out this form and Rachel will get back to you via email with a mock up (and break down) of your shoot details. Once confirmed, Rachel will send over an invoice with a contract, invoice and ask for a deposit fee (which will be outlined prior). From there, you will share inspiration, thoughts, and any further questions you may have.

DURING: Rachel will make sure you feel comfortable during your shoot! She will show you the pictures as the shoot goes on and give you input on what will make the perfect shot. AFTER: You will ensure to pay in full to receive your photos. Now, enjoy and post away – don’t forget to tag @rgordphoto!