It’s no wonder I’m into photography – I got it from my momma 😛

Hi! Thanks for stopping by – as you can see I grew up being in front of the camera (in all the weather changes) as my mom settled into weird angles and dragged me to a random artsy location on the side of the road (I was mortified).

Getting a phone with a camera lead me to selfies on selfies to scenery is how I started. I’ve always been into trying out different side hustles and creative work but nothing compares to being behind the camera. Being able to design and craft the subject, location and background gives me an adrenaline rush unlike any other.

When I am not editing or shooting, you can find me listening to Drake, hanging out with my dog Drake (are you sensing a theme), or living my best life near the Jersey Shore (no - not the show).

I hope to get to hear and learn of your story, too!